[Plan AGR] Feast of Immaculate Conception

December 8, 2025 all-day

The Annual General Reunion

At a time as near as possible to the feast of the Immaculate Conception a reunion of all the members shall be held. If desired, this may begin with a church celebration. There follows a social evening. If not already recited at a church function, the full Legion prayers are to be said, divided into three parts as at a meeting. It is better to confine this programme to the contributions of legionaries. In addition to lighter items, there should be some addresses or papers of legionary interest.

It will surely be unnecessary to remind legionaries that formality must find no place there. This is to be specially guarded against where many legionaries are participating. It must be the object to make all those present know each other better. Therefore, the programme should afford opportunity for movement and conversation. Those in charge should contrive that the members do not keep together in parties and thus frustrate the main purpose of the function, which is the fostering of the spirit of unity and affection in the Legion family.

“Joyousness lent a sweet charm to the spiritual knighthood of St. Francis. As a genuine Knight of Christ, Francis was inexpressibly happy to serve his Liege, to follow him in poverty and to be like unto him in suffering; and this blissful happiness in the service, the imitation, and the suffering of Christ he announced as knightly Minstrel and Troubadour of God to the whole world. Francis’ entire life was attuned to this basic note of joy. With imperturbable calmness, and cheerfulness of mind he sang to himself and to God songs of joy in his heart. His ceaseless endeavour was to keep himself interiorly and exteriorly in a joyous mood. In the intimate circle of his brothers he likewise knew how to sound the pure key-note of joyfulness, and to make it swell to such full harmony that they felt themselves raised to an almost heavenly atmosphere. The same joyful note pervaded the converse of the Saint with his fellow-men. Even his sermons in spite of their burden of penance became hymns of gladness, and his mere appearance was an occasion of festive joy for all classes of people.” (Felder: The Ideals of St. Francis of Assisi)

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